To everyone who has pre-ordered or is planning to pre-order The Earned Life, I am going to do a series of free Zoom webinars!
How We Can Bridge Divides and Create a More Inclusive Workplace
You can get an ebook copy of my latest New York Times Bestseller, The Earned Life, for ONLY $1.99.
June 14th 6am, 10am & 7pm EST / June 15th 12pm & 11pm EST
Exciting News!
#1 New Release in Business Motivation & Self Improvement in the USA! #1 in Philosophy and Lifestyle in India!
I have spoken about Buddhism and my approach to coaching, which uses one of the Buddha’s main tenets regarding living well: Everything is impermanent…
In Buddhism, every moment counts. Now, this is not a new concept, but it is one that has had staying power, from the classical world to our own. Writing…
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